Project Description

Sea Dragon


Related to the Sea Horse is Sea Dragon but is more commonly known as a Pipe fish. The Pipe fish is actually related to the Sea Horse at the family level where they then break off into separate genus categories. Thus, we can expect that their use and action may be quite similar.
Entering the Kidney and Liver meridians, Sea Dragon is a very strong tonic for tonifying Kidney Yang and has had some studies performed which correlate its use to positive effects on the reproductive system as well as mental and physical acuity and performance. In addition to these Kidney tonifying effects, Sea Dragon has the interesting ability to invigorate the Blood. It has also been used in martial arts conditioning formulas used for strengthening bone and sinew.



干海龙泡酒之前最好先蒸一下,不需要太长的时间,大概5分钟左右,然后放入高度(50-60度)的白酒中。每500克酒需要海龙大约各20克 ,最好在放点枸杞,泡的时间长久较好,泡酒一定要密封,三个月后再喝。